Introducing Audi

As innovation continuously arises, the creation of more advanced car models is also on the rage. Enough evidence for this is the creation and introduction of more innovative Audi models.

Audi has been popularly recognized as an automobile manufacturer from Germany, which designs, engineers, creates, promotes and distribute modern models of automobiles. The brand manages global operations that start from its primary headquarters located in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany. Vehicles that are branded under the name of Audi have been produced within the 9 production facilities all over the world.

Since 1966, Audi has been majorly owned subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, around 99.55%. This is followed by the phased purchase of Audi’s predecessor, the Auto Union coming from Daimler Benz. It was in year 1965 when the brand was relaunched by Volkswagen with the launching of the Audi F103 series.

The name of the company was based on the Latin translation of the founder’s surname, Horch. The founder was August Horch, with his surname with German translation “listen”, which later on became “audi” with Latin translation. The Audi logo’s 4 rings also have some representation behind. Each of the rings in the logo is representing one of the 4 car companies which banded together for creating the predecessor company of Audi, known as Auto Union.

The main slogan of the company is Vorsprung durch Technik, which means “Advancement through Technology”. The slogan has been recently updated to be “Truth in Engineering”. Along with Mercedes-Benz and BMW, Audi is a known member of the luxury automakers the “German Big 3”. This only means that Audi has been included in the names of the best car manufacturers of the world.

Since its introduction up until now, Audi has certainly sold a number of automobile mobile models that drivers today are making the most of. Some of the more modern Audi vehicle models include the following:

  • A3 Small Family Car – Perfect for a small family with 3-door hatchback, cabriolet, Sportback (5-door hatchback, and saloon (sedan)
  • A1 Supermini – Ideal for a plain driver with sportback (5-door hatchback) and 3-door hatchback
  • A5 Compact Executive car – An attractive executive car with convertible cabriolet, 5-door hatchback sportback and coupe
  • R8 Sports Car – Suitable for auto enthusiasts with a convertible spyder and coupe

Aside from these models, Audi has a huge number of vehicles on its list in which you can choose and pick your choice from.

For the majority of its lineup (except the TT, A1 and A3 models), Audi has not consider the oblique engine layout that is normally found from economy vehicles, as it will restrain the power and type of engines which can be mounted. To be able to install powerful engines like the ones in Audi RS4 and Audi S4, Audi has normally engineered its more costly vehicles with the longitudinally front mounted engine. Even though this enables for the simple integrating of an all-wheel drive, still, it goes against the preferred 50:50 weight distribution.

With more and more innovative features employed by Audi on its newer models, it is expected to give further rise to the brand.